On days like today, when the sky appears to be falling in and all I want to do is stay wrapped up in the duvet, I like to expand my reading and follow links in blogs and websites to interesting and thought provoking reads. Here’s some of the things that I have discovered today that you might like:

5 Things I learned When I Quit Facebook: A little time away could do us some good

Women in STEM: One of my many loves is science based (Geology) so I’m in love with this Lego story about mini-lego women in lego labs!

Design Embossed Rolling Pins!: Ok- not exactly a read but as a baker these look amazing! And as the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens encouraging us all to venture into the kitchen, these fabs rolling pins can only make the experience more enjoyable!

A Bowl Full of Lemons: For the organiser in you. If you are anything like me you love your Filofax (even though you still covert your smartphone), you appreciate ways to be more organised in a stylish fashion and you can’t help but marvel at those more organised than you. This is the website for you my friends!

Happy Sunday Reads!

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