Veganism, I find, is quite a controversial lifestyle choice. I have many friends that are vegetarian for ethical and environmental reasons who find going vegan a step too far. I do however have one friend who has embrace veganism fully and after spending a couple of weekends together, experiencing the vegan lifestyle and quite enjoying, I thought I would take up the Veganuary challenge.


I am not the only one I know to step up and try to make some lifestyle changes for the better. In fact, I have corralled a friend into joining me in the challenge, which will give us both a support network – the conversation about milk substitutes began in earnest a while ago!

Couple with this I am aiming to get back into running and have lined up a couple of events as goals along the way to aim for, more about these later ­čÖé

Even if I do not become a fully fledged vegan at the end, I am hoping this challenge will help me curb some of the bad habits I have got into over the festive period and bring back on track.

Here’s to a new challenge! Let me know if you are joining in the challenge and follow my updates on Twitter ­čÖé

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